A cancer life medical binder to manage medical information and paper overload during cancer treatment.

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NEW! Medical Binder $49

Purchase a binder for your current medical paperwork that contains tabs and pages for:

  • Binder
  • Notebook
  • Business cards (for health care providers)
  • Insurance / referral information
  • Medical bills
  • Treatment history
  • Medication list / pamphlets
  • Bloodwork results
  • Scan results
  • Pocket for medical CDs
  • "To-Do" and "To-Research" folders
  • Survivorship folder

Benefits and Uses

  • Take your binder with you to your medical appointments and new health care providers - less to remember!
  • Use it for your own reference to keep track of current and critical paperwork in one place
  • Helpful resource for family members and caregivers 

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