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Virtual Organizing Session

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  • Working from home is the future of work. Invest in yourself and learn organizing skills at an affordable rate. Get organized, get productive and gain peace. One hour, one area, at a time.

Virtual Organizing Session Bundle

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WELCOME TO THE SUNNY SIDE! organizing | productivity | work from home entrepreneur & business owner life inspiration from a cancer survivor


Welcome to my website! I am a career executive administrative professional turned online business owner and blogger. I've worked in a variety of administrative support and customer service roles with chief executive officers, senior executives, and business owners in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, publishing, restaurants, and aviation. During my career, I've supported a CEO at Tampa International Airport, CEOs at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants/Rally's Hamburgers Corporate Office, and the Executive Vice President/Chief Strategy & Market Intelligence Officer at the Corporate Office of Bloomin' Brands/Outback Steakhouse.    

My love of career, passion for peace, and desire to support, mentor, and inspire others led me to launch my blog during the COVID-19 pandemic with a goal to share my expertise to mentor and inspire you to do your best work. I'll share the tools and systems with you that I used to facilitate productivity and organization for the CEOs and high-level executives I supported. 

Like many of you, I'm at home too. When COVID hit, I decided to use this time to do what I can for the greater good and help anyone struggling to work effectively in the midst of these unexpected challenges. Consider me your WFH champion. I believe you have an amazing opportunity right now to create a work environment at home that is efficient and peaceful, and one that promises more work-life balance than you have ever had. We are all COVID warriors. Together, and virtually, we will find our way and win this battle together. 

I am here for you during the pandemic and beyond to help you gain peace from productivity. You are not alone. Please post your thoughts and ideas into my blog. Let's build a tribe, a community of warriors and Survivors, and begin our meaningful conversations today. 

Lisa Assetta, Founder & Owner
The Virtual Organizer ~ Executive Virtual Assistant
Productivity & Organizing Expert ~ Work From Home Champion
Cancer Survivor
Tampa, FL
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 Lisa Assetta was my executive administrative assistant at Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc. At that time we were a public company with more than 800 restaurants. Lisa was the absolute best assistant I could have. She is very detail oriented and her work ethic is top notch. She is capable of handling a number of projects and tasks at a given time and will not rest until they are completed and completed to her high standards. She is a proud administrative assistant. She sees the work as important and for me she was instrumental to our ability to communicate with our franchise system and more than 1,500 employees. If someone is looking for a detail focused professional, Lisa is the answer."

Keith SiroisCurrent: President and CEO, HPP Fresh Florida; Past: CEO, Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, Inc.

 I left Ohio in March 2020 to visit family in Florida just as the COVID-19 crisis was starting. Due to health and safety concerns, my visit was extended by 30 days when my physician advised me to "shelter in place" versus returning home in April as planned. I'm a CareScout field nurse and had assessments to complete and submit. Lisa set up my account on the CareScout portal and scanned and uploaded my completed reports. Her executive virtual assistant services enabled me to continue working virtually, meet my submission deadlines, and earn money while I was away from home."

Barbara Calamita RNCareScout

 I'm a bodily injury claims adjuster for an auto insurance company who works from home. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, I was required to work from home every day. Now my workdays are spent in a bedroom converted into an office looking at four blank walls... I contacted Lisa and requested her virtual organizing session. I implemented her recommendations and my home office has been transformed into a calm and inspiring place that is a joy to work in!"

Eva ParkAllstate

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