Welcome to my website! I'm Lisa Assetta, the Founder and Chief Executive Organizer of Office Assistance Plus. I'm a career executive administrative professional for C-Suite executives and expert organizer turned online blogger and business owner during the 2020 pandemic. My life-long passion for peace and desire to support, mentor, and inspire others led me to launch a blog during the COVID-19 pandemic with the mission to share my administrative and organizing expertise to help professionals adapt and thrive at working from home.

When COVID hit, so did cancer for me - for the third time in my lifetime. When I survived it, I felt humbled and grateful and I made a commitment to give back and use my business for good.

I decided to create a system for CANcer Life Organizing™  to empower cancer patients, survivors, and thrivers to get organized and take control of their cancer life during treatment and beyond like I did. I wanted to share what I learned during my journey with others so they could do it too!

My system for CANcer Life Organizing is virtual or online consulting to declutter, organize, and create peaceful and inspiring physical spaces to live/work, practice self-care, and rest in. It also includes my "tried and true" methods to streamline daily routines, appointments, and priorities with an Organize My CANcer Life Binder and file folders which provide an accessible place for medical paperwork and helps manage information overload.

If you are fighting cancer, I want to help you move forward despite the chaos, stress, and overwhelm it creates in your life. My goal is to help you get organized, be less stressed, more productive, and most important, get some peace of mind. If you are a caregiver, my system will help you stay organized as you navigate treatment with your loved one who has cancer.

Thank you so much for your interest. Please reach out and schedule a FREE consultation with me. Subscribe to our mailing list to join our cancer life organizing community and get tips and inspiration to help you keep on keepin' on! 

I can't wait to connect with you and guide you on your path to peace from productivity through cancer life organizing!

Lisa Assetta
Founder, CEO, Office Assistance Plus
Cancer Life Organizing Consultant
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