Welcome to our website! I'm Lisa Assetta, the Founder of Office Assistance Plus. I am a career executive administrative professional turned online blogger and business owner during the 2020 pandemic when I launched my online company Office Assistance Plus. My life-long passion for peace and my desire to support, mentor and inspire others led me to launch a blog during the COVID-19 pandemic with the mission to share my expertise and help professionals adapt and thrive at working from home.

Office Assistance Plus offers virtual and on-site organizing sessions for business owners and work from home professionals to declutter and organize offices, workspaces, and work life for increased productivity, profits, and peace.

I am a speaker, blogger, and published writer on the topics of Organizing, Productivity, Executive Administrative Assistance and everything Work from Home. I'm a member of the American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP), a session speaker at their annual Administrative Professionals Conference (APC), and a regular Contributor for their website. My story has been published in the book Living Beyond “What If?” and I am featured in VoyageTampa as a local hidden gem.

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Lisa Assetta, Founder 
CEO - Chief Executive Organizer 
Office Assistance Plus

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