Bring the Outside In

So where do you work when you work from home? Many of you likely gravitate towards bright, open spaces with an outside view. Looking at sunshine, flowers, plants and trees, and moving things like birds, animals, and even people walking their dogs is so good for the mind. It helps remove the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and claustrophobia we may feel working in a confined workspace day after day. 

If the workspace you claimed in your home doesn't offer an outside view, create one! Bring the outside in and surround yourself with the joy this can bring. Consider every area of your workspace and add elements of nature that lift you up. Create a workspace that feels refreshing, peaceful, and full of continuous positive energy. The way you feel in your workspace directly affects your enjoyment of your work and your productivity.

Clear your space and add nature! Imagine working in a meadow, a garden, a forest, a jungle, a lake, or the beach. One clear benefit of working from home versus the office is that you can choose and create a work environment that works for you! 

Idea Starters: 

  • work surface - desktop | table | nightstand | dresser 
    • plants or a vase with a single bloom or bouquet of flowers (real or artificial)
    • clear vases filled with shells or stones
  • shelves | bookshelves 
    • plants, flowers (real or artificial)
    • animals (glass, clay, or stuffed)
    • framed artwork with nature designs
    • books with nature / animal covers 
    • office supplies with nature designs
  • walls | floors
    • hang artwork, posters, or tapestries with nature designs
    • add a rug with a nature design, a color found in nature, or an animal print
  • scent
    • use a room spray, candles, incense, or a fragrance diffuser to invite the fresh scents of nature in 
    • Tip: choose a special scent just for your workspace - your mind will associate this scent with work in a positive way!

How will you bring the outside in? Where will you start? 

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