Joy at Work

I love to organize. It's my passion. I've trained and read many books by organizing gurus over the years and became an expert organizer based on the information I learned and put into practice for myself and others. 

Being organized invites greater productivity and peace into one's life. If you know me, you know those are my passions too. 

I read Marie Kondo's books the life-changing magic of tidying up and spark joy as soon as they were released. Then I took her course in the KonMari Method™ of tidying. Now I incorporate this system when I organize anything! 

In her book, Joy at Work, Marie Kondo brings her method into the workplace. And it is a "game-changer." When COVID hit, many of you were working in an office one day and quite possibly found yourself working from home the very next day. You didn't plan on needing a workspace in your home and suddenly it is a requirement. 

Finding your workspace may mean re-purposing another room or area of your home which then displaces the items that were living in that space. Those items need to find a new home now and you have a workspace that has to be set up to function efficiently as an office. 

That is a lot decluttering, organizing, and setup that has to take place which causes chaos versus calm. But, no worries, we've got this! Let's create a tidy workspace together that "sparks joy" at work!

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