Why did I choose the hashtag #peacefromproductivity? First, it's because I truly want all of us to find peace in our hearts and minds - at home and at work. Peace has always been my mantra. I say I'm a "hippie chick" inside because I'm all about peace, love, and happiness for everyone. 

Second, it's because I've always been focused on being productive. On being a person of action - in spite of, and especially in the face of - adversity and challenge. I continuously strive to keep moving forward. Moving backwards is completely unproductive. Being in limbo is like living inside a spinning wheel and gets us nowhere fast. 

It's not always easy to move forward. Yet we can choose to make our best effort to move forward. Even if moving forward means taking a baby step. It is always worth it. The key is to set a goal to move toward and then take one step at a time until you can get closer to it. 

When you make that baby step happen, it is a real and true accomplishment and it's SO important to acknowledge and celebrate every step forward, no matter how small. Taking action is productivity. It feels good. It helps you gain peace of mind. How? Because you feel like you are getting somewhere. You took the stress of wondering what, when, and how to move toward your goal and you did something about it. Stress becomes peace. 

Do you feel like you are moving backwards or living in limbo? What goals are you stressing about? Share them and let's brainstorm together about the steps you can take today to move forward and gain your #peacefromproductivity. 

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