Organize My CANcer Life Binder

Organize My CANcer Life Binder 

A customized binder for your current cancer life paperwork that contains tabs and pages to:

  • Organize appointments and to-do's

  • Organize medical paperwork

  • Keep health care provider information handy

  • Keep medication, treatment, and test results accessible

And more...!

Benefits and Uses

  • Take your binder with you to your appointments with health care providers - less to remember!

  • Have one place to reference important information and paperwork 

  • Helpful resource for family members and caregivers

Learn more about our to learn more about our system for CANcer Life Organizing™ to get organized, be more productive, and get peace during treatment and beyond.

Proud member of the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance Tampa Regional Advisory Board ~ helping cancer patients in Tampa Bay improve their quality of life through exercise.The lavender  ribbon is the color for all cancers

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