Organizing Cancer Life for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Organizing Cancer Life for Cancer Patients & Survivors

Do you have appointment fatigue and find it hard to manage your calendar? Stay on track with your to-dos and priorities and keep them from falling behind? Keep moving forward by living life one day at a time with gratefulness? Do you want to feel peace, joy, and passion to grow and live life to its fullest?      

Cancer treatment brings about unexpected challenges in managing daily life. The. Struggle. Is .Real. Symptoms from treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and side effects from medication can cause fatigue, a loss of focus and concentration, and pain which can make it difficult to keep up with your life during cancer and stay positive, energetic, and hopeful about life.  

I know. I am a business owner, an expert organizer, and a cancer Survivor. My mantra is "the best way out is always through."

As a Survivor, I want to help you get through the best way I know - by sharing the tools I use. I want to empower and inspire you to get through by decluttering and organizing the physical spaces you work and live in.

The benefits:

  • an organized space can give you the positivity boost you need
  • create spaces in your home or worklife to calm, energize, and inspire you
  • give you more peace to "get through"

3 Ways to contact us to learn more:

  • schedule a FREE 20-minute virtual consultation
  • email us 
  • call us at 813.760.6198

Depending on your needs, we offer virtual organizing sessions through Zoom or provide onsite sessions in Tampa Bay, FL. We welcome your caregiver to be part of your process to get organized.

I care. 

Supporting and standing with you, my sisters and brothers who are living a cancer life, is one of the most meaningful things I can think of to do with my time and expertise. Let's fight and thrive together! 

Lisa Assetta
Founder and CEO | Chief Executive Organizer
Cancer Survivor**I am a cancer Survivor. I am not a medical professional. I do not offer medical advice about treatment for cancer or its symptoms or side effects

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