sunny side up - the road forward

With the lifting of some regulations for masking and social distancing due to updated CDC guidelines, we find ourselves (finally!) moving forward. In fact, the pace for defining plans for a "post-COVID" workplace are picking up speed. So is uncertainty. Many have mixed feelings about returning to the same "pre-COVID" workplace we once knew and loved - or just accepted.  

During COVID, we adapted to a new way of working. We learned a lot. We increased our productivity. We had better work-life balance. We enjoyed not having a commute. We had more flexible time for ourselves and our families. We overcame countless challenges - and had many wins worth celebrating!

In my last blog post, I talked about keeping the camaraderie and our #fightersmentality going as we - the Survivors and Thrivers - continue to shape the #futureofwork into a place. we. all. want. to. be. We have the opportunity now to shape the road forward by taking what we learned and achieved and applying it to build even greater success for our businesses.

What personal and work "wins" did you have during the pandemic? What do you want to see continue in our "post-COVID" workplace? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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