We're 20 days into the new year. We've had to make many choices every day since day 1. Some choices are small, like whether to choose the honey almondmilk flat white at Starbucks over your usual flat white. Some choices are much more meaningful than that, like the choices we make about how we want to live every day. 

Things happen and we don't always have a choice about what comes our way. But, even then, we still have a choice about how we manage every situation. On the flip side, we can proactively make choices about many things. Having the ability to make choices is a gift. How lucky and blessed we are to have the freedom to choose!

The big choices matter. We make choices we believe in. And when we stay mindful of them, they have the power to guide how we think, feel, act and live--at home and at work. Every. Day. Some of my choices? I Choose Courage. I Choose Joy. I Choose Peace. Choices are like directions. They remind us how to process things that happen in our lives--good or bad. I Choose Courage and when I feel fear, I choose to be brave. I look for the positives in every situation and ways to create joy in my life (including work) because I Choose Joy. I choose Peace--of mind, body, and soul--which keeps me focused on being calm, healthy, and spiritual.   

January is one of the best times to make choices because the new year gives us the choice to make a fresh start. Choose and let your choices be affirmations. Post your choices where you can see them every day. Integrate them into who you are and what you do. Remind yourself of the choices you made and soon you'll be living them. 

What do you choose? Please share in the comments. ~Lisa


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