How are you feeling as we near the end of January? It was interesting to start off the new year knowing you would be working from home and that your work would be all virtual, right? It wasn't unexpected like it was last year when the pandemic hit and you had to move to a work from home model overnight or within several days or weeks. Some of you may be back in the office by now or perhaps operating in a hybrid mode, going into the office a few days a week and working from home on the other days. 

It's an interesting thought that when we work in the office, we are surrounded by the company's culture. In the office, you may be set up in an office or cubicle and your physical workspace is what the company created for you. You can personalize your workspace to an extent with meaningful photos and colorful office supplies or even a piece of artwork. Even so, it likely still has that "corporate" feeling that leans more towards your company than being about YOU.

When you work from home, you can create your own workspace culture. Whether you are working for a company or working for yourself, you have the opportunity to design a workspace culture that reflects YOU. You may not have had the privilege of securing a coveted "window" or "corner" office in the office but you can have one at home! You can create a vibrant or calm workspace at home--whichever vibe helps you be more productive! 

You can surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you and bring you comfort on particularly stressful days. Imagine this... you can even bring a cozy chair into your workspace to sit on while your work or during your breaks (which you can take more frequently when you #wfh, by the way). It was always so hard to get a good office chair or side chair for your workspace in the office, wasn't it?  

Creating your own culture is a huge positive when you work from home. If you haven't created your own workspace culture yet, think about what you can do to create one and do it! 

What kind of culture have you created in your #wfh workspace? Please share in the comments. ~Lisa


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