How are things going for you in the new year, so far? In my last post, I talked about how getting organized and having a new mindset will lead to new results! Our goal during Get Organized (GO) Month is to visualize and create our ideal work life. In order to pave the way to "visualize" we need to clear the clutter and clear our minds to be open to our vision!

Physical: physical desktop, workspace, books, paper, supplies...
Digital: computer desktop, calendar, priority list, email, phone apps, time, decisions, network, meetings, teams... 

I suggested my top three areas of focus to GO quickly are: 

  • Physical desktop
  • Calendar
  • Email

Let's start with your physical desktop. This is my desktop. What does yours look like right now? If you're working from home, your physical desktop may be a kitchen table or your bed. We still want it to be tidy. Less is more. Give yourself room to work and, most importantly, room to think. We can focus better with less distractions around us and the ability to move freely in our workspace is important too. 

Our world is primarily virtual now, which actually gives us the opportunity to keep less paper. The paper we do have and need for pending projects should be corralled into an upright filing box or a flat Inbox tray. The paper you don't need for pending projects can be discarded / shredded or scanned / filed. Pro Tip: think before you scan. Scanning documents you don't need adds to digital clutter.

I've given you some details about how to manage paper in my previous Work from Home Wednesdays posts, so click on these links Let's Tidy Paper! and Let's Store It! as refreshers. Now is a great time to remove "old" paper from your present space and start fresh! You may also need to gather important paperwork to file your taxes. By sorting your papers now, you'll be ahead of the game! 

What else do you need on your desk besides your laptop and your critical papers? On my desk, I also have a tray containing post-its, a pen, and a few highlighters in different colors (for color-coding) and a desk lamp. I also have a page-a-day calendar for daily inspiration. My calendar this year is "zen". 

I have a few other items on my desk because I like to Feng Shui it! If you don't know much about Feng Shui, it is a Chinese art and its premise is the state of your environment mirrors your life. When you take control of your space, it creates positive energy for improving everything else. That's one of the reasons I start with the desktop! Everything else I need for reference or supplies is in my workspace, nearby, for easy access. 

If you're interested in learning how to Feng Shui your desk, email me and I'll send you a digital download that shows you how you can arrange your desk based on a part of your life you want to improve (wealth, career, creativity). It's fun and it can't hurt, right? 

Cheers to 2021, let's GO! ~Lisa, The Virtual Organizer


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