It's Administrative Professionals Month so let's celebrate all assistants - administrative assistants, executive assistants, personal assistants and virtual assistants! 

I love this Wordle! It is an answer to the question the ASAP (American Society of Administrative Professionals) asked its members in 2020, "What word best describes what it means to be an administrative professional"? To download or share it with your colleagues, click here

Whether you chose to be an assistant or "fell into" the career, it is a valuable way to contribute to the success of individuals and businesses.

I had very little experience when I started my career. I was a young, single Mom who needed a job. I followed up on an opening for an assistant, confident I could learn how to do the job IF someone would give me a chance. Someone. Did. Making my "job" a career was up to me. I committed to being a continuous learner and to use my passion for my profession to be successful. 

The words that stand out in this Wordle are "adaptable", "flexible", and "dependable". 

If you are an administrative professional / assistant, what ONE word best describes the value YOU bring to the table? 

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, what ONE word best describes the value YOUR assistant brings to the table? Please share in the comments. 


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