In last week's WFH Wednesdays post, I asked if those of you who work from home were feeling burned out due to increased work hours and longer work days. I checked in with colleagues too. Your answers told me that some of you are feeling burned out or are headed in that direction. I want to continue this conversation and look at burnout more closely and avoid it.

Burnout can occur when we have an overwhelming workload. Our dedication to doing that work, working so hard to get it done - and get it done "perfectly" - plays a part in this too. Sometimes, it seems like the deck really is stacked against us and sometimes we burn ourselves out. Burnout is a mix of exhaustion and lack of joy. We don't want to be there. We won't give in to that. We are pandemic fighters and Survivors. We. do. not. give. up. 

During the pandemic, it's been tough balancing working from home with our families. Employers had to cut budgets and many lost their jobs. Those who still have jobs are grateful for their jobs yet the extra work can be unfair and challenging to manage. In addition, we often feel pressured to stay visible, valuable, and relevant in an effort to keep our jobs. A stacked deck.  

So what can we do? We can learn to focus better. Focus on being mindful of our processes and our work environment. Make them conducive to getting work done easier and more efficiently. Get organized and work in a productive work from home workspace that inspires us to work in peace with joy. 

We also need to be aware when we have reached our limit of work for the day or week and "hit the deck" for a break and step away. We might also need to be assertive and let our employers know that our workload as is, is unmanageable and then mutually agree on the priorities. Once you clarify your priorities, focus on each one, one at a time, to make real time progress. Be present and always do the task in front of you. 

It is best for ourselves and our employers for us to take good care of ourselves. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle in the midst of overwhelm and overwork to get the deck stacked in your favor! Gain energy to focus with a good diet, exercise, and by getting enough rest. Gain joy in your work from home work life by creating a workspace you enjoy working in and stay focused on all that is good about working from home (no commute, greater flexibility, spending more time at home, and with our families). 

What will you do to get the deck stacked in your favor and avoid burnout? Please share your comments.



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