Happy New Year! Welcome to 2022. We're (already!) almost through the first work week of the new year. Whether you are a small business owner or work from home professional - back in the office, hybrid, or working from home - are you feeling organized or scrambling to get organized to get things done? 

If your new year's resolution/intention is to get more organized, we are behind you 100%! Being organized increases your productivity and peace of mind. Having peace of mind, let's the joy in. We all need more of that.  

To help us better serve you in 2022, let us know which areas are the most challenging + most critical for you to declutter, organize and keep organized. We'll follow-up with organizing tips and inspiration to help you get this new year started! 

Let's GO! 

Post your Top 2-3 areas in the comments here and take our poll on LinkedIn!  

  • Work Environment/Workspace/Desktop
  • Calendar/asks/Priorities
  • Email/Digital Work
  • Meetings/Network
  • Paper/Mail/Bills


At Office Assistance Plus, we specialize in helping you declutter and organize work life to increase your business and personal productivity. We assess your physical work environment, the way you think and work, and then customize a plan to make your work life easier.

When you schedule a FREE virtual consultation with us, we'll send you our online organization and productivity assessment for you to complete and submit prior to our conversation. When we talk, we'll discuss your organizing challenge areas and offer our recommendations to help you achieve your goals to get organized, get productive, and get peace. 


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