As we emerge from the pandemic, have you thought about how you got through it? Although each of us had to reach deep within us and summon the strength and skills to keep us going, we also found ourselves reaching out to others for help and support, likely more than we ever had before. 

A bond formed as we became one team fighting to survive the pandemic. We became more open, honest, genuine, and transparent. We wanted to see each other succeed and move forward and we found ways to do just that - together.  

We became even more helpful and supportive to each other than in the past and freely shared our expertise and resources with others to transition to a "new normal" where all of us and our businesses could and would thrive. We used our valuable networks to connect people by sharing leads and referrals, traded services, and offered mentoring and training to our colleagues and clients. We gave of ourselves and invested in others. 

Working from home gave us a sense of ownership that we may not have ever felt before in our roles and we used it to become leaders and innovators. Our shared experience created strong, cohesive partnerships and teams that we could depend on and we. did. it. all. virtually. 

We were fatigued for sure, yet we were determined, resilient and ever hopeful. Let's keep that camaraderie and what I call our #fightersmentality going as we - the Survivors and Thrivers - continue to shape the #futureofwork into a place. we. all. want. to. be.      

The pandemic isn't over yet but we are making forward progress. Have others helped keep you going? Something else? Please share in the comments.    


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