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I am celebrating the virtual launch of a new book "Living Beyond "What If?" Release the Limits and Realize Your Dreams!" Join Dr. Shirley Davis virtually tomorrow, August 10th at 3:00 pm EST! Learn about the book directly from the author and why she says "your dream must be bigger than your fear." 

I am humbled and honored to share that Dr. Davis has included my story - "Lisa's Story" - in her book. My story is about my journey through life and cancer - to right here where I am now, the Founder of Office Assistance Plus - living my dream!

We can all benefit from reading her inspirational book. Dr. Davis dedicated it to "the 90 percent" - those who admit they are not living their best life because they are chronic procrastinators and stuck at "What if?" and those who are living with persistent fears that keep them parked on the side of the road of life and not able to reach their destination. You may have been there in the past or you may be there now! I have certainly been there as you'll see from my story. 

Register for FREE at bit.ly/LivingBeyondWhatIf. I'll be there, please join me!

During the virtual book launch party, producer and singer, R. Anthony (from season 5 of "The Voice") will be performing his new single and the theme song named after the book! Visit https://www.ranthonymusic.com/ to learn more about him. 

So RSVP to join the party and make sure you share this event with your friends and colleagues!

Pre-order your copy of the book "Living Beyond "What If?" Release the Limits and Realize Your Dreams" today and get ready to be enlightened about how to release THE limits and realize YOUR dreams!

Thank you for your support. I'll see you there!

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