It's hard to believe there are just three weeks left in December! Let Office Assistance Plus help you break down these remaining weeks with organizing tips to keep you on track and moving through December with less stress and more cheer! 

This week's top 3:

  • Send holiday cards and gifts
    • create a list of clients, employees, and colleagues to send holiday wishes or gifts to via email or mail
    • mail gifts this week to ensure they arrive by Christmas Day > click here for the send-by dates USPS recommends

  • Buy a 2022 planner and wall calendar
    • review planner options and find one suited to how YOU think and work > get proactive and enter all confirmed appointments and meetings in 2022
    • we love this work from home planner to integrate/manage work life and home life
    • consider hanging a wall calendar(s) in your workspace for an "at a glance" overview of each month to keep track of the big picture

  • Decorate your office and desktop!
    • to create a festive desktop, clear your desk > place a holiday runner or placement on it > add a festive frill and sparkle like we did with with a mini tree, fairy lights, and a holiday-scented candle (ours is vanilla chai)
    • corral your office supplies on a decorative holiday tray
    • don't forget to switch out your basic mug/water container for holiday-themed versions > then break out the hot chocolate and sparkling water to enjoy!

Feel your spirits lift when you check off these top 3 to-dos this week and get ready to spread some holiday cheer! 


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