It's Christmas week, are you ready? We only have a few work days left before the holiday, so let's make the most of them! 

This week's top 3:

  • Handle increased demands
    • if your company's fiscal year-end coincides with the calendar year-end, you may have a lot of work to finish before the end of the year
    • prioritize the work by order of importance or due date and schedule next action steps on your calendar > do this today!

  • Self-care
    • even with increased work demands, resist sleeping less, working more and "pushing through" > breathe + focus on those must-dos
    • block out time this week for a holiday mani, gift-wrapping, decorating and celebrating with a coffee, lunch, or after-work get-together with colleagues > schedule over Zoom if time is limited

  • Disconnect
    • plan ahead and set a goal to wrap up critical correspondence and priorities by mid-week to allow for a slower-paced end of week
    • commit to disconnecting from work when the holiday weekend arrives to enjoy quiet time for yourself and with others > take a much-needed mental break away from work, news and the pandemic

Have a productive, peaceful and festive week! Next week's top 3 will help you prepare for the new year! 


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