We hope you had an enjoyable and peaceful holiday weekend. So. Here. We. Are. We made it to the last week of the year!  You may not feel super-motivated to work this week but you can make it a productive week. Here are our tips to get you going!

This week's top 3:

Make a plan to achieve more in the new year

  • Streamline your work environment > declutter your desktop and surroundings - keep only what you need to work + keep it easily accessible
  • Commit to exploring and implementing ways to save time, money, and energy to increase your personal and business productivity
  • Gain control of your calendar now and be ready to get things done at the start of the new year > block (recurring) time to review emails, do project work, as well as to take breaks and walks, etc.

Assess your current situation

  • Use this mantra: clean out the old and make way for the new and more joy at work
  • Clear your physical space to work efficiently + clear mental space to take steps to live the work life you dream of living
  • Create a vision or dream board with images that represent what you see in your future work life > place it on a wall in your workspace, inside your planner, or someplace you can see it daily  

Define your work life goals for 2022

  • Set resolutions or intentions if the word "resolution" causes a stress-reaction > consider choosing a word-of-the-year (WOTY) to be your focus for 2022 and let it guide your decisions, goals, and plans  
  • Consciously prepare for the new year by tidying your network the Marie Kondo way > evaluate your contacts to identify those that spark joy and stop following those that don't
  • Go into the new year with goals you are excited about and high-quality connections that are joyful, genuine, and helpful relationships 

Enjoy your week preparing for next year. We're excited to see you in 2022!  


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