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Yesterday was National Organize Your Home Office Day! This day is celebrated on the second Tuesday of every March. Set this day as a recurring event on your calendar and be ready to organize your home office next year on March 8, 2022. 

The day was created to declutter your desk, weed out paper and electronic files, and set up your home office to be more productive. I like the idea of setting aside one day on an annual basis to do this. That said, I'm all about being organized every day! I recommend blocking 15-30 minutes each day or week to limit the amount of physical and digital clutter that can accumulate. 

I wrote this article about how to stay organized when you work from home for ASAP (American Society of Administrative Professionals) and I want to share it with you! With my years of experience as an Executive Assistant supporting CEOs and C-Suite Executives, I know firsthand how organized the Administrative Professionals who follow this website have to be to support Executives and their leadership teams. The same is true for solopreneurs, like myself, and small business owners who are managing their businesses virtually from home (or anywhere) with little or no help. 

It really takes extraordinary effort to stay on track, be productive, and deliver quality work in our current virtual environment. My passion is to guide and support you to be organized and get things done - sunny side up!    

What is your biggest challenge working from home? Thoughts about my article? Post in the comments.

As a reminder, mark your calendar for these upcoming sunny days: 

~March 14: daylight savings time begins
~March 17: St. Patrick's Day (keep following me for a lucky giveaway!)
~March 20: first day of spring
~TBD: have virtual coffee (or tea) with me, schedule here!   


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