COVID Fatigue

Things are rapidly changing "out there" in our world - again. The COVID conversation doesn't ever seem to end, does it? We're still counting cases and talking about face masks and vaccines. COVID continues to keep us in a space we desperately want to escape! It's still affecting the way we live and work. 

If you're feeling tired and depleted, you are not alone. We've all been fighting personally and professionally to stay safe and prosperous through this pandemic. The fight has been exhausting and we may feel our resilience waning. Let's rebuild it!  

How? Here are some ideas...

  • Keep the Hope - believe this situation is temporary, not permanent
  • Breathe - take 5 every day to take deep breaths and think 
  • Use Tools to Help - apps like COVID Coach, Insight Timer, Headspace 
  • Self-Care - do small things for yourself daily that keep you healthy 
  • Have Gratitude - for the good things in your life and work
  • Relationships - strengthen existing relationships and build new ones
  • Keep Moving - stretch, walk, swim and change your scenery
  • Have Fun - with family, friends, colleagues and hobbies
  • Enjoy Your Downtime - watch sports, movies, play games
  • Get Organized - create your ideal workspace / work life and be productive (here is where we can help!)

What are yours?  

Share your tips to build resilience by commenting on this post. We will rebuild, thrive, and survive together! 



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