I hope you are having a productive work from home week! If you are having challenges, please let me know what they are so I can help. Remember, I started Office Assistance Plus last year during the pandemic to be a resource to YOU - work from home virtual professionals and business owners - with my blog and services. Please post comments on my blog, email me, or schedule a FREE 30-minute virtual discovery meeting with me so we can talk solutions to improve your productivity. Consider my virtual organizing and support solutions as an investment you can make for yourself or your business to be even more successful at what you do!   

Today, I want to share a recent article I wrote for the ASAP website with you: How to Stay Organized When You Work From Home. I've written other articles for this professional association, that I am a proud member of, and I've placed the links on my Articles  page for you to read. I hope you find value in the information and tips I've written about. ASAP (the American Society of Administrative Professionals) is FREE to join and I highly recommend it as a resource for training and networking to help administrative professionals navigate today's evolving business climate.

I'm a believer that continuous learning and networking is important for our personal self-development. It helps us grow our careers and businesses. With the adjustment to working from home and the number of things you are likely juggling in your workday, you may have pushed these things to near the bottom of your to-do list. Instead, try to find at least one thing you can do each week for yourself in these areas. Blocking just 15-30 minutes on your calendar to learn something new or have a conversation with someone you just met virtually can give you new ideas and professional support. Keep your eyes on LinkedIn and other social media for learning opportunities and networking events to join. 


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