Here we are, just a few days away from Christmas. It's hard to believe we are actually at this point after a year that seems longer than usual! Of course, it wasn't really and in some ways this slower than normal pace may have been exactly what we needed. The pandemic gave us a chance to step back and evaluate the way we work and live. It gave us a chance to breathe, to think, and to innovate and that felt good, didn't it? 

When we work from home, the lines between work life and home life can blur. To stay productive, we've had to learn to balance the two and focus on the priorities of each day. Working from home likely gave us more flexibility in our work days than we had been used to before the pandemic and the ability to focus on self-care and our families when we needed to. 

Many of you may be on vacation now or have several days off over the Christmas and New Year holidays. With COVID cases on the rise, you may not be traveling or socializing in large gatherings. On the days you aren't working, I urge you to step away from your desk and laptop when you can. Use the time you have this week to clear your desk, clear your mind, and rejuvenate. 

If your work from home workspace is in a main area of your home such as the kitchen table, living room, or bedroom consider clearing your work area. Be sure you have taken care of anything time-sensitive first and then put your work items away! This will allow you to really take the break you need and focus on the holiday without "walking into work" every day!

It's hard for many to disconnect and disengage totally from work, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners. Yet doing so even for a day will bring calm, peace, and rejuvenation now--which will bring more energy, creativity, and productivity when you return! You have worked hard this year. It took a lot of effort to be amazing as you struggled through uncharted territory (and you were.) For now, step back and step away, you deserve it! EnJOY a break. Stay safe and well. 

Next, we'll prioritize getting organized to enhance our productivity in the new year. My holiday special runs through December 31st or schedule now. Gift certificates available. Questions? Email me at I am here for you! 



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