It's August. Time for lazy, hazy, summer days. Beach time. Sunshine. Summer sun happiness. If you are a remote worker who loves your work from home - work from anywhere lifestyle - you might be making plans to enjoy this summer month with a trip to the beach or other vacation spot. We are free to fly now and your flexible schedule accommodates that.   

Some of you have been asked to go back to the office full-time after Labor Day. If you are one of them, how do you feel about this? Are you ready to go back and looking forward to it - or is it challenging for you to accept the lifestyle changes that going back to the office entails?

Some of you may be returning to the office with a hybrid arrangement. Do you consider this to be the best of both worlds - or do you think it will add chaos to your calm and peaceful work from anywhere life? 

If you love your job and love what you do, do your best to stay positive and embrace the change. Look for the pluses versus the minuses. Use what you've learned during your time away from the office and continue to innovate, let your productivity soar, and keep the peace! Create a workspace that you enjoy being in and look forward to working in every day! Don't give up the best things about working from home, instead integrate them into your new work life in the office. 

What is your current situation? How are you feeling about it? Let us know and contact us if we can help. In the meantime, take time to enjoy some summer sun happiness!  



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