As a Tampa, Florida resident, I've felt the calm before the storm many times - including yesterday when they announced that Tropical Storm / Hurricane #Elsa was coming our way! The "calm" before the storm is the way the sky changes color, the wind picks up, and the air becomes eerily still. When we feel this calm, we know it's time time to prepare for the storm--so we are ready to face it and deal with it until it passes by. #Elsa is here today and I'm ready for her!

We've all faced storms - real life weather-related storms like #Elsa - and the other kind of storms in our lives that stop us dead in our tracks. We all faced the storm named COVID. Others like me, have faced the storm named Cancer. There are many storms we have to face in our lives, often times without any preparation.

Conversely, if we make it a priority to be prepared in the event of a storm it will give us the strength to remain calm and carry on during and through a storm. Getting through any storm can be a challenge. Storms bring out emotions and logistical issues to deal with. Our goal to survive our storms is to have systems in place that keep us calm when the storm hits.

Getting and keeping yourself organized is one of the ways to bring a sense of calm (and peace) to your life. For example, having efficient systems in place to stay on top of your calendar and priorities means you are prepared when the storms that change your world or your client's world hit. Preparing yourself to know where you have the ability to flex to accommodate the big (and little) storms that enter our work life can be a work life saver. Organization and preparation are keys to surviving. 

Our mission at Office Assistance Plus is to help you get organized - before, during, and after the storm - and to feel calm and at peace in your work life. Contact us if you would like a positive boost from us to get organized and get ready! We want to be the resource to help you be prepared to ride out the storms that arise in your work life - and the ones that arise in your personal life that impact your work life. We are not storm chasers... we are storm troopers and storm Survivors, right? Yes and yes!


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