We have been "KonMari-ing" our physical workspaces for several weeks now. I've shared how to tidy books and papers with you and I trust, if you are tidying along with me, that you are making progress and starting to see improvements in your performance and experiencing more Joy at Work. My ultimate goals for you! 

With the KonMari Method, it is important to tidy areas in a specific order, so Komono (miscellaneous supplies) and Sentimental Items would be next before we can move on to tidying Digital Work. If you are interested in continuing to tidy these two areas, please post or email me for more details and assistance. I. Am. Here. For. You. 

Moving forward from there, I'm sure you would agree that tidying our Digital Work / Digital Life is extremely critical in today's virtual world. Scott Sonenshein, an organizational psychologist, teams up with Marie Kondo in Joy at Work and guides us next through the process of tidying digital data, time, networks, and decisions as well as meetings, teams, and culture. Sparking joy at work in our collaboration with others is important too. 

At this point I'm asking for YOUR input about this content - should we stay or should we go? When I say stay, I mean continuing to further explore the benefits of Joy at Work - and when I say go, I mean moving on to other interesting / hot topics! 

For example, I can share my personal "pro-tips", strategies, and secrets with you about how I worked in the C-Suite with CEOs and Executives, learned their workstyles and facilitated and enhanced communications, efficiency, and productivity within their offices. This information is useful whether you are an Administrative Professional, a business owner, an Executive, or a CEO.   

Post or email me with either STAY or GO and the majority will rule. Remember, everything we talk about is focused on my mission to lead you to #peacefromproductivity. 


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