How did it get to be September? Already? When everything has been in "slow mo" for so long? A few weeks ago we were talking about COVID fatigue, and how we were feeling like our personal and business lives were on pause. Suddenly - surprisingly - the calendar flips to a new month - and a new season is almost upon us! Last weekend we were holding onto summer and this weekend coming is Labor Day, the "unofficial" end of summer. Time. Marches. On.

Sometimes we fight a battle between wanting time to move quickly and wanting time to slow down. As I've said before, moving forward is how we stay productive. Maximizing each day to the fullest; however, is how we learn to not regret the passing of time. Looking at each day and choosing how we will fill it. It's not only about what we have to do, it is about how we do what we have to do and making time in each day to for things we want and love to do is important too. And everything we do can be done with passion and meaning that adds value to this day in our memories.  

Opening my eyes to see a new day fills my mind and heart with gratitude. Every day that I wake up means that I am a Cancer Survivor. In essence, we are all Survivors though, aren't we? I'm in my fourth week of my walking program, Healing Walks for Hard Times, and I'm pushing through the lingering effects of chemo, especially fatigue, with every walk I take. In this book, a question was posed, "Are you alive today?" The answer, of course, is yes. The writer goes on to say "That's all there is, that's all there ever is. If you're alive today, then today you're a Survivor."

As Survivors, our goal is to feel strong and healthy, and full of life! Let's not live in the fear of the unknown. Let's welcome each new day, each new month, and each new season as an opportunity to "refresh." Let's call on our Ying-Yang to help us! Draw yin energy up from the earth, the spirit of receptivity and openness and draw down the yang energy of the sky, energy of action and movement. 

Today, I'm happy time is marching on because this day is one day closer to the end of treatment for me. Every hour of today matters to me. My "refresh" today was to put up my "welcome fall" garden flag and placing a cheery sunflower wreath on my door to invite the new season in (even though it is 86 degrees in Florida today!) It is often the little things we do that bring smiles and joy to ourselves and others that matter the most. 

How will you welcome in September and fall, and add value and memories to your days this month? Share with us in a post! 



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