I read this article in Bloomberg Wealth via LinkedIn titled "Pay Rises and Flexibility Go Mainstream as Staff Shortages Bite." It discussed how the majority of businesses are raising wages and offering more flexible working conditions as they struggle to hire and retain staff. 74% of firms globally are offering more flexible hours, 71% more choice on work locations, and 66% have increased base pay.

Work life is definitely changing and I'm all in. In fact, my business was launched to help you adapt to working from home. WFH has transitioned from a necessity due to the pandemic - to a choice. When the pandemic first started, there was a pretty steep learning curve to adapt. For many employees and employers, it was an uncomfortable place to be. Like many changes in life, once you adapt, the next step is to embrace. I believed from the beginning that an amazing opportunity was emerging that could improve our work life balance. Sharing my goal to have peace from productivity while working from home is the why behind Office Assistance Plus. See About Us

The article lists the "mitigation measures" employers are trying to make jobs more attractive as they struggle for staff. 

  • More flexible working hours
  • More flexible work locations
  • More employee benefits
  • Increased base pay
  • Offering new or larger year-end/spot bonuses

What matters most to you? One or more of these items or something else? Let's talk about it. Share your thoughts in the comments.



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