We made it through January together! January always feels so long, doesn't it? Yes, it has 31 days but it's more than that. It's the first month after the holidays and because it's the first month of the year, we start working to achieve the work (and personal) goals we set for the year and that can feel overwhelming. 

We've adjusted to working from home so starting the new year off this way feels more familiar than unexpected, yet it seems daunting in many ways as well. I read that workers were facing real burnout as they approached the end of the first month of 2021. Were you?

I think many of us are just tired. We've exerted a lot of effort into learning how to work from home. We've had to claim a wfh workspace and make it comfortable and productive to work in. We've had to learn new technology to be effective. We try harder than ever to stay connected to our co-workers and clients in this virtual work world. We've also had to adapt to the feelings of isolation and multiple distractions around us and be successful at our work. No wonder we're tired!

I also read an article from Bloomberg that said workers in the US and other countries are working an average of 2.5 hours more every day since we began working from home last year. LinkedIn posted on the same topic. They said that remote work has blurred the line between our personal time and the time we're on the clock--and that this longer work day is becoming the new normal globally. The post also mentioned that some have adopted new work schedules in which they work later but have longer breaks throughout the day.

Are you feeling burned out? Has your work from home workday grown increasingly longer? Let's talk about this and find solutions together. Please share your comments.



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