Here we go again! In my recent post, "summer in August - office in September", I wrote about making the most of the summer we had left because many remote workers were headed back to the office in September. Full time or hybrid. Then COVID cases rose and plans changed. I heard from many of you that your employer postponed your return to the office. It's now "wait and see" - again.

Your feelings about this may be mixed - especially as the holidays begin to roll around. You may be asking yourself whether it would be better to be at home or in the office during the holidays and winter weather. Most of us are having some serious "deja vu" and feeling disappointed and tired from experiencing uncertainty in our work life due to the ongoing pandemic.  

Yes, we were hoping things would go "back to normal" so we could enjoy the holidays like "we used to." That is still a possibility, so do not lose all hope! In the interim, though, we find ourselves back in "survival" mode. 

So let's take this "pause" and use it as a time to get better equipped in our work from home offices. I'm excited to offer work from home survival packages to keep you going and lift you up! We want to help you take that forward momentum you've achieved in recent months and keep it going right on through September and the holidays! Our mission is to help you get organized, get productive, and get peace from productivity - and joy at work from home, of course!


  • Create a CLOFFICE (an office IN a closet)
  • Joy at Work Tidying - workspace or digital
  • Build a Work from Home Cart

Which package do you need - or want? Contact us to find out more about each package, then reach out and schedule a FREE virtual consultation with us. You can also email us at or call 813.760.6198 for more information.

We can't wait to help you decide on the package that is right for you and to get you on our calendar as soon as we can! We offer virtual organizing services via Zoom or onsite organizing services (in Tampa Bay, Florida). For your safety, masks are required during all onsite services. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! We. Will. Survive. Together.



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