Let's call Wednesday's "Work from Home Wednesdays" from now on and we'll talk about the benefits and challenges of working from home. 

The initial challenge is finding the "right" workspace. A place where you can spread out and focus. What if you don't have a home office or an "extra" room in the house to dedicate to office space?  

You find yourself looking around the house for "a" place to work. Someplace you can claim as your workspace. A place to sit down and plug in. The basic criteria: quiet and comfortable with enough space for your laptop and a cup of coffee.

Quiet is key = minimal noise and distractions. You have to be able concentrate, be productive, and take meetings via conference call. You need an uncluttered space with the right backdrop for your Zoom calls too. 

Finding this space gets trickier if you're not home alone. You may have a spouse or significant other that's working from home too. And kids. And pets.    

Your choices likely include unlikely places such as the kitchen table, the living room sofa, or the bedroom.   

Where do you work when you work from home? Is it working for you? Why or why not?

Let's talk about it! I can help by offering home workspace productivity and organizing tips.



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