I have a sign on my work from home office door that says "you are free to fly." It has a butterfly on it which, to me, is a special symbol of re-birth and re-invention, especially after overcoming a life-altering experience.

We've all been in that place over the past 16 months, haven't we? For many of us, our lives have changed and are almost unrecognizable to our pre-pandemic lives. Some of you may long to get back to "normal" and some of you may be embracing the "new normal." 

Which one are you? 

In the early days of the pandemic, I saw an opportunity for greater work-life balance in working from home. I was the champion in your corner that wanted to help you get through this challenge by creating a workspace and work life where you could thrive in in the midst of the pandemic. Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Peace. This mantra works whether you work from home or in the office - work from anywhere, work from everywhere!

Your employer may be asking you to come back to work full time or perhaps come back to work in a hybrid situation. Work from home professionals like you are debating the question "should I stay or should I go?" Business owners are debating the question "do I keep the same business model or innovate and re-invent my business to fit today's new business environment?" The answer involves thinking that goes deep - and has to answer another question "what is best for me/my family/my career/my business?" 

So what will you do? You are free to fly! 


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