Carol Weathersbee:

Lisa Assetta, the owner, Office Assistance Plus has the unique ability to transform your space into a well-organized and functional professional environment. Her thoughtful assessment of your specific needs is thorough, and her streamlined organization delivers profitable productivity! Lisa is a top-notch professional. I highly recommend Lisa and her company, Office Assistance Plus.


Lisa James, Administrative Coordinator:Gilead

I’m feeling so inspired and am excited to apply these “magical” principles to my work life. Thank you Lisa!!


Desi-Ann Gordan:VA Coach & Trainer

The 2 hours I spent with Lisa were eye opening! During our session, she shared several organizing and productivity tips with me to implement in my business. Lisa definitely knows her stuff and is passionate about what she does. I recommend you schedule a session with her to help you clarify your thoughts, reduce your clutter and get more productive. Thanks Lisa 😀


Stacy Soliman:Home Office of Co-Founder Omar Soliman, College H.U.N.K.S. Hauling Junk, Tampa FL

“Lisa came into our home over a period of two weeks and helped us streamline a mail/package intake process, set up a filing system for professional and personal documents, organize a command center for charging cell phones and keeping important school and home papers handy and available. One key piece of the organization was personalizing and creating a “cubby” for each person in our family that holds daily items – for the kids it has their lunchboxes, backpacks, masks, etc. For the adults, it has a place to hang bags, trays for keys, wallets, etc. It makes getting out the door each day with everything we need much easier. Lisa was professional and took the time to do an in-depth assessment with me to learn my vision as well as my style. I would highly recommend her for any home office/home organization project.”

Stacy Soliman

James Edgar:Full Force Enterprises

I won a 1-on-1 session with Lisa at a Virtual Assistants conference. Our session gave me a ton of takeaways that I'm in the process of implementing. (I promised Lisa I would send pictures. :-) ).

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