I love to organize. It's my passion. I've trained and read many books by organizing gurus over the years and became an expert organizer based on the information I learned and put into practice for myself and others. Being organized invites greater productivity and peace into one's life. If you know me, you know those are my passions too. 

I read Marie Kondo's books the life-changing magic of tidying up and spark joy as soon as they were released. Once I discovered her KonMari Method of tidying, I knew this was the system I would personally use and share with others - to organize everything! In her latest book, Joy at Work, Marie Kondo brings her method into the workplace. And it is a "game-changer."

When COVID hit, many of you were working in an office one day and quite possibly found yourself working from home the very next day. You didn't plan on needing a workspace in your home and suddenly it is a requirement. Finding your workspace may mean re-purposing another room or area of your home which then displaces the items that were living in that space. Those items need to find a new home now and you have a workspace that has to be set up to function efficiently as an office. 

That is a lot decluttering, organizing, and setup that has to take place which causes chaos versus calm. But, no worries, we've got this! Marie Kondo wants us to to have tidy workspaces that "spark joy" at work and we'll make that happen together! 

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