Let's dig into something interesting and different that will help bring us more joy, peace, and productivity! Ask yourself what kind of workspace sparks joy for you, picture it, and let's make your ideal workspace a reality. 

If you work from home, you'll want to deal with work-related items separately from personal items. So for the book category, that means business books and magazines only. Note: papers are a separate category and those come next.  

Here we go... step by step - book by book - the KonMari Method way! 

  1. Set dedicated time for this process. Before work, during lunch or breaks, in the evening, or on weekends. I would suggest a 30-minute minimum so you can make progress.  
  2. Gather ALL your business / work-related books in one spot. Yes, all of them. Pile or stack them where you have room. Remove books from the bookshelves. Grab them from your nightstand. Take them out of your car. Pull them out of your totes and work bags.
  3. Take each one in your hands and "joy check" them. Questions to consider to decide if a book sparks joy for you are:
    1. When did you buy it?
    2. How many times have you read it?
    3. Do you want to read it again?
    4. What role does this book play in your life? Does it motivate and energize you when you read / re-read it?
    5. Does it make you happy just to know that book is there?
    6. Does it bring you up-to-date on the latest information?
    7. Does it help you perform your work better?
    8. And would you still buy that book now?

The awareness these questions bring will help you decide whether or not a book will bring you joy if you keep it. It's a journey / a voyage of self-discovery when you tidy books. When you finish, every book you keep should spark joy!

When you decide that certain books don't spark joy for you any longer, give those books to family members or friends, or donate them to a school, library, or hospital. By doing this, you are giving the gift of joy to others!  

Enjoy the journey - we're all ready to take a trip, right? Post about your tidying experience. Cheers to the journey, more joy, and #peacefromproductivity!

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