TGIF. It seems that everyone posts about Monday motivation when Friday is probably the day we need to motivate ourselves the most! I find that a full week of work and life appointments leads to a feeling of fatigue on Friday's. Don't you? How many of you wake up on Friday and feel like you have to drag yourself through your morning routine to get to your desk, which for many of us who work from home, is just a few rooms away! 

So what can we do to get ourselves going on Friday's? It's all about our mindset, right? Motivate your mind and your actions will follow! Here are five ways I get myself motivated every day, especially on Friday's.  

  1. Wake early and grateful. This is motivation enough for me! It's that simple. I have another day of life and I want to get an early start and make the most of it.
  2. Find the light. When I feel tired, I look for the light. I grab my cup of coffee and head outside to my lanai. Sunshine takes away any grogginess I have and lifts my mood and energy level. Tip: if you live in a cold or cloudy climate (and don't have a lanai) sit near a window where the light shines in.
  3. Power up. My first cup of coffee wakes up my brain but I chase it with a vegan nutritional shake. Nothing gets me going like protein, greens, vitamins, and minerals. By this time, I'm really revving up! A shake, smoothie or other light, healthy breakfast is a must. Then I hydrate with water all day. Tip: drinking water keeps your energy levels up!   
  4. Get moving. I know I've got a busy day ahead with appointments and a long list of to-dos. Before I dive in, I take a 10-15 minute walk or do something else to get my blood pumping... shower, stretch, make my bed. Just move!
  5. Get to the desk. I sit down at my desk, review my list of top 3 to-dos, and get started. An organized desktop, workspace, and systems are the main drivers to being productive. I take frequent breaks yet stay laser-focused on getting my top 3 done. Tip: prioritize the most time-sensitive to-do and celebrate every checked item on that to-do list.          

Have a great motivated Friday everyone! You. Got. This.

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