I believe in the power of color and using colors to create associations, improve efficiencies, and increase productivity. I created my "red folder system" for the CEOs I supported to facilitate forward action. I chose red because it signifies importance. It stands out. It commands attention. The red folder contained critical and time-sensitive items for the CEO to take care of in a timely manner and it was effective. 

People in the office were often amazed at how quickly I was able to get answers to their questions, meetings set, and documents signed and returned to them. I use my red folder in my own business to keep me focused on top priorities and next actions. 

We can apply the "red folder system" to our virtual work world by creating a digital folder system that gives each folder a color name. Start by creating a folder named RED. Use it to store critical and time-sensitive documents that command immediate and timely attention. Place those documents in the folder and alert others with a quick text or email that you've added something important to the RED folder and include the link to it. Keep the RED and other color-coded and current folders you are working with on your desktop for quick and easy access. If you are sharing files, copy those folders to the cloud for others to access.  

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