When is the last time you read a book with your cup of coffee or tea? We are always reading online - emails, newsletters, ebooks, digital downloads, webinar recordings... the list goes on and on! Reading online is easy and convenient and, after all, we're online most of the day anyway!

It can be very refreshing to step away from your computer (and all of our multiple screens) and read a book with real pages! You're likely experiencing some digital overwhelm and Zoom meeting fatigue due to the pandemic as we speak and this could be just what you need. Some of you may not have thought about reading a book for a while. If that's you, try to incorporate reading into your work life because it offers new ideas, perspectives, and inspiration.

I shared with you in this post how to organize work-related books the Marie Kondo way. When you determine which books "spark joy" for you, place those books (only) on your bookshelf. TIP: no need to fill the entire shelf with books--place other items of color, interest, and inspiration on your shelf too.

Keep the ones you reference often and are currently reading on a bookshelf or table nearby for easy access and so you don't forget to read them! Keep a reading list of the book titles you want to order or borrow and read next. TIP: ask "Siri" to keep your list like I do. 

This photo is a snapshot of what's on my bookshelf. What's on yours? 

Here are two of the books I have on my reading list: Your Fully Charged Life by Meaghan B Murphy and The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod (recommended to me by a good friend and colleague). TIP: borrow books from a colleague or the library instead of buying to reduce book clutter and save the trees. What's on yours? 

Share the title and author of one book on your workspace bookshelf and one book on your work-related reading list in the comments.

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