I know everything is hard right now and the holidays look different this year for sure. We're just two weeks away from Christmas and a much-needed holiday break. Are we feeling Joy at Work yet? 

Maybe not. Many of us are feeling the pressure of wrapping up this crazy year and strategizing and planning for the unknown in 2021. We're also trying to figure out how to have a happy holiday in the middle of a pandemic. We got through Thanksgiving together which was a true accomplishment--but Christmas feels bigger, doesn't it? It's usually so magical when the Christmas decorations are up and we look forward to the comfort of gathering with our family and friends for drinks, meals, and gift-giving. Not so much this year?

If we keep our focus on what's changed, what's wrong, what's missing from the way it was--we will miss feeling the joy of what is--and the opportunity to lift our spirits now, when we need it the most. Life and work, and now working from home, are always going to be full of challenges. Our goal is to find the joy in the midst of those challenges. Let's make the best of the current situation and let some holiday "sparkle" in!  

Working from home offers us flexibility. We sometimes forget that. We have the opportunity to step away from our desks after a Zoom meeting and take a breather. Bonus: making time to do that actually increases our productivity when we return to our work. So let's commit to giving ourselves "holiday breaks" starting today.  

I challenge you to find little things you can do in the next 16 days before Christmas to add joy to your work days so by the time it arrives, you'll be ready to have a more magical Christmas than you thought it would be. I started adding joy in my workspace environment.   

  1. I put pine essential oil in my scent diffuser and let it glow green!
  2. I started drinking "holiday-flavored" coffee and tea and hot cocoa (with marshmallows!) in a festive holiday mug. 
  3. I asked Alexa to play holiday music on low in the background while I work--and just make sure I ask her to stop when I Zoom!

What will you do to lighten up, lift your spirits, and have more Joy (and Peace) at Work? Share your ideas in a post.  



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